Avoid Catching The Flu Bug

Do you wish to avoid having the flu? Of course – it can be very severe even in younger age. Its all very well to wash your hands and avoid touching other people. And eating the right things does help too. But did you know you can also raise your immune system by using a weed vaporizer?

How to relax though? One good way is to count your breaths. If you breathe in counts of 4 and you breathe out in counts of 6. And then when you exhale this is relaxing mode. Because you are breathing out in 6’s you are in relaxation mode longer. And these days how to smile.

You can try playing good music – music you like and makes you feel good. And then tap along with the music.
But perhaps the most important thing is good sleep. Set your sleep clock. Try to get to bed about the same time every night. And make the preparation for going to bed the same too – comb your hair, brush your teeth, put cream on your face etc. this will become a comfortable habit.

Try to keep your nose moist. Inside the nose are very small cilia. They act like tiny oars in that they remove the viruses and the bacteria and dust from your nose to the back of the throat and these are then deposited in the stomach and destroyed by acid. Having a dry nose means the cilia will not work well. A vaporizer in your bedroom will help. A good nasal spray is also helpful. Lemon and honey are nice additions in the form of an oil added to a vaporizer or in a nasal spray.

How about vit C – any good? Yes but do limit it to 500mg each day. Too much vit c will take calcium out of the bones.